Creator unite

Hey creator! We are excited to present the Alpha release for Aurora 🌌!

You can now login to the dashboard, and follow a few steps to link your Notion to Aurora. We've finally able to work out the intricacy of Notion Database, and able to capture the data and render native element successfully.

In addition to that, we've introduced 2 NEW interactive elements to help you build your course:

  • Checklist ✔
  • Quiz 📝

*Do let us know what do you think, and what element you want to have in your course! 😁

But do take note that currently payment option is not supported yet in Alpha, everyone can enroll to your course if you share the link to them, or if you categorized courses as "public".

Course pre-sale, payment will be available in the next Beta release, you can follow the progress of Aurora on Twitter

We are super excited for you to try out Aurora 🤩

Zernonia, Founder of Aurora